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Affiliate Program

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Quick Overview

Affiliate Program is a powerful Magento Extension which will help to increase the sales enourmous by rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.


With our Affiliate Program extension you'll get an opportunity to earn money by referring to your products.
How does it work?
Your affiliate partner creates an account to become an affiliate of your website. Then the partner can log into his account to get links or banners to display on his or any website.
When any user visits your website after clicking on the link or banner on the website your affiliate partner put it in, and makes a successful purchase, the customer will earn an outstanding "%" of that sale.
Cookies are used to track referrals.

For Customers
Manage Affiliate Accounts
1. register for affiliate programs.
2. referral to join in affiliate program.
3. Provides banners place in referrals’ websites.
4. Provides script/code to place in referrals’ websites.
5. Ability to manage transactions related to their affiliate accounts.
6. Ability to manage payment and sales.

Manage Commission
1. Commission is calculated based upon commission rate and sales via referral accounts.
2. Each affiliate program has its own commission rate.
2. Automatically adds commission to referral accounts once a transaction is completed.
3. Receive email notification when earn commission from referral purchase or any update on credit balance.

For Administrator
Manage Affiliate Program
1. Ability to set different commission rate for each program.
2. Allows running affiliate programs for certain products or categories.
3. Allow to assign category and product to program
4. Allows managing and tracking program transactions.
3. Manage referrals that joined the progams.
4. Manage transactions made via referrals in the programs..
5. Manage the "Buffer Days" - the time period between the changing of the order status to "complete" and commission adding to rererral account.
6. Manage quantity of the last operations which will be shown the customer.

Manage Bunners
1. Assigns banners to affiliate programs
2. Assigns links to banners
3. Allows to use flash or images for banners

Manage transactions & payment
1. View all transactions and their status.
2. Update status of payment once it is released.
3. Managing and processing withdraw requests.
4. Auto-subtract commission in case of refunding or cancel order.
5. Email confirmation and notification for both admin and client (new members, balance change ...)